Jensen Civil Construction was founded by Ernest F. Jensen and Sandy Jensen. They relied on their character and work ethic to build a company from scratch. From the very beginning, quality work and integrity were the cornerstone of the company.

When actively working in the construction industry, Jensen had contracts ranging from several thousands of dollars to over twenty million. We performed work for Commercial Clients, Federal, State and Local Governments and Private Individuals.

Over the years, Jensen was associated with various professional organizations and its staff served as their Officers and Board Members. Some of these organizations include The Florida Transportation Builders Association, The Underground Utility Contractors Association and The Construction Financial Manager's Association.

Our customers overwhelmingly found Jensen to be the "Contractor of Choice" in meeting their civil construction needs.

Today, Jensen Civil Construction is owned by Stephen F. Jensen and the company provides Consulting and Litigation Support Services related to civil construction activities. 


Jensen Civil Construction, Inc.
11231 Philips Industrial Blvd East
Suite 103
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 268-7766

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